is a next-generation PHP infrastructure consisting of a lightning fast webserver completely written in PHP including additional frequently needed services in one powerful bundle. You can use all of the services or only specifically selected services in your existing application with no additional tweaks. This is just what you need since we have eliminated the need for additional tools or additional services, and PHP and you´re done!

Lightning speed is only one part of the benefits of

  • Web-Container
    (Webserver, Servlet-Container, Websocket-Container)
  • Object-Container
  • Job Scheduling Services
  • Message-Queue
  • Directory Services
  • Data Grid

    ... and best of all it´s completely open source!

  • Testimonials

„Using gives us unexpected opportunities. The performance and stability is unbelievable and best of all the integration in our existing infrastructure was super easy and fast. Using as our infrastructure was definitely one of the best decisions we´ve made.“

Dr. Oliver Marz, CEO